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5 Tips for Starting an Online Dropshiping Business at Home

In this modern era, a person is required to follow the existing developments. No exception in the business that is being pursued.

One of the marketplaces that can provide the best service is Tokopedia. Even though there are many other types of marketplaces, it turns out that Tokopedia is a marketplace made by Indonesians.

Therefore, the online store’s features in buying and selling on Tokopedia are easier to understand than other marketplaces.

When you want to do business on Tokopedia, you need to understand the ins and outs of the business world. Among them are the business you want to run, business prospects, steps in setting up a business and so on.

A business that is easy to do and is currently in demand by many people is to become a dropshipper. This dropshipping business can reap many benefits, even reaching hundreds of millions per month. If really serious in the business.

The capital required also depends on the type of business being run.

Usually, business people adjust to the amount of capital they have.

Take an example like a dropshipper who doesn’t need a lot of capital, maybe only internet costs.

Because this business only connects store owners with customers.

How long will your business be profitable?

This of course depends on the seller’s efforts and persistence.

The more active in working, the benefits will come quickly.

The tools needed in doing business at Tokopedia are smartphones with fairly fast internet.

Fast internet is used as a form of service to customers.

Like the response from the seller to the buyer, the longer the seller responds, the buyer will look for another store.

In starting a dropshipping business at Tokopedia, you need to create a shop first.

7 Guidelines for Opening an Online Store on Tokopedia

Here are the steps in opening a store at Tokopedia:

  1. 1. Open the Tokopedia application> type “Open a Store” in the Tokopedia search field> click “Open a Free Store”.
  2. After pressing open the free shop, it will appear, enter your cellphone number and immediately verify via SMS or WhatsApp.
  3. If it has been verified, then enter your account name, use your real name according to the KTP.
  4. Then, determine your shop name and domain carefully. The shop domain is very important because it will affect the branding of your store.
  5. Next, fill out a short survey so that Tokopedia can give you the best experience.
  6. Enter the appropriate and complete shop address.
  7. You are ready to start your business adventure at Tokopedia.

Besides that, you also have to pay attention to the items that will be sold in this marketplace.

There are restrictions that are strictly forbidden to violate and result in the closure of your shop, even the worst possibility is to be arrested by the authorities.

Types of products are prohibited from being sold at Tokopedia

These limits are as follows :

  1. It is prohibited to sell any adult products and anything that contains pornographic elements. Such as drugs to increase the length of the genitals, genital satisfying tools and so on.
  2. It is prohibited to sell any illegal products. Such as firearms, sharp weapons, illegal drugs, and so on.
  3. It is prohibited to sell products that violate intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyrights or other proprietary rights in any form (logos, products, slogans, etc.) or products that are sold in the form of goods with exclusive distribution rights that can only be traded with the MLM sales system.

The business he is engaged in must also have an effective and efficient marketing strategy, so that this dropshipping business can survive and compete.

5 Tips for Dropshipping Business on Tokopedia

Here are tips that can help your business in shaping the right marketing steps at Tokopedia:

  1. Build Business Traffic
    In starting a business, you need to pay attention to traffic. Traffic is the number of visits to a business shop provided.

Some new sellers will find it difficult to increase traffic to their shop. Increasing traffic, of course, starts with making your business reach wider.

The wider your business is exposed, the higher the traffic your store can get.

  1. Store Promotion
    Promote it to the people closest to you, such as parents, coworkers, friends, and anyone who can help you reach more people. That way, your shop visits will seem to start increasing.

Also, promote the shop through posting on social media. Use the entire social media to grow your business.

  1. Use Paid Ads
    In making money, you also have to be quite willing to spend money. That’s about the simple picture.

With paid advertising or top ads, of course, you can promote products for a more specific or specific target market.

This of course makes your ad more effective and efficient.

On Tokopedia, you can use the TopAds feature. This feature is a paid feature in promoting your products & stores.

When using TopAds, your products will appear on search results pages, hot lists, and categories.

Yes, you can start advertising on Tokopedia for Rp. 50,000 only. That’s a minimal fee to display your product or shop. Choose products that have a chance of selling well.


The answer is to save costs and be more efficient. Faster profit results. You don’t want to advertise a product that is hard to sell. Because it’s a waste of time.

That way there is a possibility that your Store in Tokopedia has the potential to be seen and purchased by many people.

So that your product can be easily seen by customers. That way, your product awareness will be more affordable to the wider community.

  1. Create and distribute compelling content
    Creating interesting content needs to be done to attract visitors to your store.

Provide a tagline or hashtag that is a hallmark for your product and store.

Use the Endorser if necessary. Endorser is a promotional activity which uses public figures as the perpetrators.

These endorsers generally have a large following on social media and are popular.

You can take advantage of their popularity as a form of product promotion widely.

Generally Endorser will invite his followers to buy the product.

So that sales can increase. These endorsers can be artists, YouTubers, celebrities, and so on.

Don’t forget to build a partnership. Partnering with other stores (not necessarily the same) is worth trying.

Usually they promote your product or shop on their store account.

That way you can reach consumers who are owned by your partner.

  1. Evaluate and Improve Business
    After doing the steps above, surely the business needs to be evaluated. Like seeing responses and input from various customers.

The types of products that didn’t sell. Or less demand. Starting from the discussion and the number of views or views.

To further evaluate the business and improve anything that is lacking.

In Tokopedia itself, you can see the running of your business through the Statistics feature.

This feature is intended to assist you in monitoring the results obtained on the strategies that have been implemented.

This is also to see how many visitors stop by at your store.

That was the tips for dropshipping business on Tokopedia. This side business can be used as an alternative. When you need additional income. Or it can be used as a business plan before retirement. Hopefully this is useful.

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