The 15 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners And Prices In 2021

The 15 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners And Prices. The guitar is an important musical instrument that is used as an accompaniment to songs. The function of this product emphasizes harmony as well as lead chords.

On the market it is quite easy to find a choice of guitars. The choice of both acoustic and electric guitars has its own market for consumers around the world.

Lots of well-known foreign and domestic brand products that distribute their goods to remote areas.

Guitar users, from professionals to beginners, have their own characteristics in using guitar products. There are many differences in the selection of guitar products.

Starting from what wood material to use, what best 6 strings to pin, to what fret board should be chosen to suit the needs of the user.

15 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Here, we present famous guitar products that can be used for learning and show off for beginners.

1. Cort SFX – MEM OP Electric Acoustic Guitar

Cort SFX – MEM OP Electric Acoustic Guitar

This music product from the Cort company has all mahogany materials to give the product the best and luxurious impression.

This wood material from Cort SFX has a warmer sound tone production with a fairly long and rich mid-range accent.

It doesn’t stop there. This musical instrument has a design that is not too big for beginners. Ergonomic sleek design is the hallmark of this product.

The use of adjusting the volume when connected to your guitar amplifier adopts CE304T Equalizer technology. Which is useful for maintaining the distinctive quality of this Cort SFX sound.

Using strings that are coated with a protector is useful for durability from moisture, dust, and dirt that sticks to the cause of rust.

Cort SFX – MEM OP Electric Acoustic Guitar has a total of 20 frets. This number is not much considering that this guitar is specifically for beginners who want to learn to use the guitar.

The price tag for this upscale premium entry-level guitar is as low as $ 133. This price is a price that can change at any time. This price is also very much in line with the quality of the guitar that is given.

2. Camwood IWC – 243 NSK Acoustic Electric Guitar

Camwood IWC - 243 NSK Acoustic Electric Guitar

The production of Camwood IWC guitars has succeeded in presenting a body design wrapped in exotic brown which has a very luxurious vine wood accent.

The size of 41 inches is pinned to this guitar product so that it feels right when held by the user. Build quality, which uses a satin hubcap finish, provides an exclusive accent when using it.

This guitar makes a fairly high sound and is crisp when plucked and swung. Deliberately made to accompany various types of song genres. And equipped with a Grover tuner that is great for use during accompaniment performances.

Camwood features flat strings that make it very comfortable when used by novice players. This guitar has 20 frets, not long enough considering the use of a special guitar for beginners.

Spruce material on the headstock and sapele on the back and sides, making all sides feel more comfortable and safe to hold.

Beginner users can take home this cheap guitar for around $ 49 to $ 70.

3. Gibson J200 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Gibson J200 Acoustic Electric Guitar

This product from a company from Michigan, United States, has a product type J200 which is suitable for playing classical guitar or for beginner fingerstyle players.

Designed for beginners who want to use their guitar playing skills, this guitar provides nut and string spacing that are made wider on the bridge. This is very suitable for use by beginners who have hands that have slightly long fingers.

Has a bulky or fat body that provides good sound resonance vibration space. Produces a loud sound even without an additional amp.

The electric part of the guitar retains the aesthetic and functionality that obscures the EQ and Volume control knobs near the earpiece.

This guitar uses 20 frets, the standard factory default acoustic guitar used for beginners.

The Adirondack spruce material on the headston, and Maple on both sides of the back and sides of the guitar make this guitar feel warm, tough, solid, and big.

Armed with a Gotoh Keystone tuner, it allows beginners to tinker with the string key settings as desired.

This cheap guitar is priced at $ 35 to $ 49.

4. Mandalika De Ticco Series DTS-01 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Mandalika De Ticco Series DTS-01 Acoustic Electric Guitar

This guitar offers a luxurious and elegant impression that is obtained from a classic retro nuance design. It has fairly complete features including a build-in tuner that allows users to tune directly to get the sound of the strings they need.

The body material of this guitar is made of meranti wood and mahogany wood. This guitar has an embedded iron embedded in the guitar neck which can be used to adjust the height of the strings.

Beginners are presented with a saddle and nut which uses the same basic ingredients as ivory. The function of this basic material is to extra protect the guitar strings so they don’t break and rust quickly.

The Mandalika De Ticco Series DTS 01 guitar package is equipped with a soft case, spare strings, a water resistant case, and also a guitar pick.

Owned frets are acoustic manufacturer standard frets with 20 embedded frets. The price for this cheap guitar is around $ 49 only.

Beginner users will get an attractive package from this sale, very suitable for use in everyday guitar learning.

5. Cetta CD22CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Cetta CD22CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Having frets that are not too high and the number of frets that are standard acoustic guitar manufacturers, make this guitar from Cetta very suitable for use by beginners.

This guitar is anchored using high quality wood. The material for the headstock of this product uses a spruce material. For the back and sides of the guitar using the sturdy Sapele material.

Cetta CD22CE is able to produce a clear and natural combination sound from spruce and sapele material.

As a result of the type of electric acoustic guitar embedded in this product, novice users can use this guitar to perform live or use this guitar as a recording instrument in the studio.

Beginners will get a smooth and smooth guitar quality because this guitar is equipped with rosewood material on the fingerboard and bridge.

Use natural color choices. This guitar is only priced at $ 126 to $ 140.

6. Cowboy GWC 235NS Acoustic Electric Guitar

Cowboy GWC 235NS Acoustic Electric Guitar

This guitar has a fairly fat body shape. Using mahogany and rosewood material in the combination of the neck and fingerboard.

So that makes this guitar produce a warm sound with a fairly long guitar output frequency so that it can produce sweet harmonies.

Having a cowboy body shape, this guitar is priced quite cheaply. However, the low price does not make this guitar cut the quality of the product.

The strings are designed in a flatter shape that is almost closer to the fingerboard. A design like this is made to provide a sense of security and comfort to the user’s fingers. As a result, users do not get hurt when using this guitar too often.

Having 23 frets exceed the average acoustic guitar manufacturer, making this guitar can be used for Lead Guitar performances. Beginners can also use this guitar to start learning guitar solos.

The cheap Cowboy GWC 235NS guitar is priced at $ 56- $ 63.

7. Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Having a slim body and short string spacing make this guitar one of the best-selling acoustic guitars in the world.

Carrying the body and cutaway or a slimmer cut, automatically gives the Yamaha APX600 a comfortable and lightweight accent.

Products that have a short string distance because they are intentionally cut to improve the playing of chords.

Beginners can play this guitar very easily because the fingerboard and bridge of this guitar are equipped with warm and comfortable Rosewood material.

Armed with the Die-cast Chrome (TM29T) automatic tuner, novices don’t have to bother looking for ways to change the ladder key of the Yamaha APX600 strings.

The choice of several color choices on this Yamaha APX600, namely; Natural Black, Vintage White, Old Violin, Sunburst, and Oriental Blue Burst.

This guitar has an above average number of frets, which is up to 22 frets which can be used to learn to play guitar solos for beginners.

Priced at $ 140 to $ 210, this guitar is a cheap guitar with the highest quality and price in its class.

8. Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has a classic ergonomic design in Open Pore, Black Satin, and Satin Sunburst colors. An affordable guitar that has great performance for the pocket that doesn’t go too deep.

This guitar is relatively cheap, but this guitar is also capable of playing any genre of music. Has a total of 20 frets, making this guitar very easy for beginners to play.

The width of the bean that only runs 4.3 cm will not make your fingers feel sore when playing it. This guitar has a specially constructed material in the form of mahogany and rosewood which has been processed in such a way as to make this guitar very playable.

Getting a chrome die cast tuner eliminates the need for beginners to struggle to get the guitar sound they want.

This beginner guitar is priced at $ 47. It is an affordable guitar that is comfortable to wear anytime.

9. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Having a smaller fingerboard than its competitors makes this guitar perfect for use by beginners who want to start playing the guitar for the first time.

The Yamaha brand has been exploring the world of Indonesian music for a long time. Offer the user with cheap price guitars with international quality.

The advantage of this guitar lies in the fingerboard which can be reached even by small children.

Introduced with two colors, namely tobacco brown and neutral colors. Both of these colors can be selected by the user as a personal preference.

The F310 series guitars offer clear, warm sound even when the fingerboard feels small. The frets of this guitar are 20 with string pads that are quite low and comfortable at 4.3 cm.

The material on the back and sides of this guitar uses tonewood. Then for the fingerboard, neck and bridge, all use sturdy Rosewood.

This learning guitar is equipped with a TM 14P chromatic tuner and is priced at $ 70.

10. Yamaha SLGN 200N Silent Guitar

Yamaha SLGN 200N Silent Guitar

Yamaha SLGN 200N guitars have the ability to be silent guitars. This anti-noise capability is obtained because this product does not use any body.

This high end guitar is suitable for beginners who do not want to make noise for other people.

Equipped with the latest SRT or Studio Response Technology features, this guitar is capable of producing a beautiful yet natural acoustic guitar sound on a connected headset or amplifier.

This guitar has an onboard tuner that functions as a sort of sound tone sorter needed. The frame used is made with a removable plug function to make it easier for users to carry this unit anywhere.

Has 22 frets and a body width without wood (full hollow) of about 35.6 cm, and the distance between the strings and the fretboard of about 1.15cm makes this guitar very, very comfortable for guitarists to play.

The upper stock material uses mahogany which is specially processed, and the frame can be assembled using rosewood maple which is very light.

The fingerboard is still coated with maple, while the bridge uses Rosewood material.

All of these guitar materials are premium international quality materials, so you’ll have to pay $ 490 to $ 560 to get them.

11. Squire Stratocaster Bullet Electric Guitar

Squire Stratocaster Bullet Electric Guitar

This electric guitar made by Squire, which is a subsidiary of Fender, must be recognized as an original electric guitar at a very cheap price. the quality of this guitar does not need to be doubted.

Built with legendary Fender quality coupled with the Whammy feature that novice guitarists can use to create unique sounds on their amplifiers.

Built with a high level of comfort and lightness, Squire’s Strato has three single coils in the built-in pick-up in the middle of the guitar body that can produce crisp, loud whammy, wet distortion and warm sound.

All of these effects can be used with the rotary knob and slide knob systems found on the guitar body. This guitar is priced at $ 210.

The body of this guitar is made of alder wood but the neck used by this guitar is made of maple material. Users must have their own amplifier to enjoy the beautiful sound of this electric guitar.

12. Squire Telecaster Affinity Electric Guitar

Squire Telecaster Affinity Electric Guitar

Beginners who want a versatile guitar with a crisp yet warm tone can choose this Tele guitar.

The legendary design uses alder wood on the body which can produce a warm yet bold sound.

Squire Affinity Telecaster is an option that beginners should consider.

Who doesn’t know this Telecaster from Squire or Fender? If you don’t know, let me explain the advantages of this guitar.

Used as a guitar with a “budget guitar” connotation, this guitar has several important features that should be present in any versatile guitar.

First, the pick up of this guitar uses a single coil pick up which produces a crunchy but clean sound.

Second, the body of this guitar fits perfectly with Asian postures. As a result, this guitar can be processed into various kinds of custom guitars used by several top artists, especially in Indonesia.

Third, a neck and fingerboard that is similar to an acoustic guitar, the strings are quite low, the neck capacity is wide enough, and the fretboard that fits nicely on the ring fingers when swinging the notes on this guitar.

Comes with a choice of attractive colors, this Squire Affinity Telecaster guitar can be used perfectly for blues, jazz, classic rock, and other genres.

Priced at $ 210. Beginners must have this best-selling guitar, because this guitar is the best cheap guitar that is dreamed by Indonesian musicians.

13. Squire Bullet Mustang Electric Guitar

Squire Bullet Mustang Electric Guitar

A mustang model guitar designed by Fender which was later adapted by Squire as a low-end guitar in 2017.

Squire deliberately provides a low price to its fans because the manufacturer is targeting beginners who are exploring the science of playing guitar.

The Squire Bullet Mustang is a guitar that combines elements of ease and comfort. For users who want to look for fierce but easy to find sounds, this guitar is the answer.

The guitar body is made of sturdy Basswood. Supported by a guitar neck made of maple makes this Bullet Mustang guitar have a really fierce sound character.

Armed with a humbucker pickup duo, this guitar is capable of providing crisp and grim overdrive distortion frequencies.

This guitar is perfect for the blues, metal, or other subgenre gahar genre. A 3 way selector is embedded in this guitar that allows novice users to choose the sound of the pickup neck, bridge, or both.

The fingerboard of this guitar tends to be short, so again it is suitable for beginners whose hands are smaller for learning.

The price of this Squire Bullet Mustang guitar is only $ 210.

14. Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar

Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar

The combination of tonalwood guitars, pickups and powerful technology makes this Jaguar Squire always able to be used to spread all types of music.

This guitar is one of the unique guitars ever made by Fender, Squire nicely recreated this guitar with a vintage modified model.

This guitar shape has an offset or asymmetrical shape. This makes the guitar have a characteristic strong tone tone.

The guitar design is deliberately made with a body of basswood and a neck of maple wood. Jaguar still has the proper tonewood for all musical genres.

This guitar unmitigatedly has two “Duncan Designed” single coil pick ups that are connected to three panels on the underside of the body that allow players to provide treble boost, mid, and twangky effects.

Priced at $ 490. This price is really commensurate with the sound quality produced by the guitar.

15. Yamaha Pacifica 112 J Electric Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica 112 J Electric Guitar

This Yamaha Pacifica 112 J guitar can be the right choice for those of you who are looking for a cheap electric guitar with good quality.

The performance that this guitar delivers cannot be underestimated. This guitar is very easy to find in the Indonesian market. But it’s better if you buy a guitar with original products and not pirated.

Comes with a solid body. Equipped with a classic design with a neck made of maple wood and plus a rosewood fretboard, this guitar has a warm and clear sound.

The tuner used on this guitar is a chrome die-cast tuner. It uses two types of pick ups, namely the humbucker bridge and the single coil neck.

This guitar is priced at $ 154. Too cheap for an electric guitar with tons of features.


Acoustic and electric guitars are definitely chosen by users for their ability to deliver toned sounds that can be used to accompany singers, or make their own music.

Of course, choosing a good and appropriate musical instrument requires some guidance, namely from the weight, shape of the guitar, the materials used, the build-up material, to the selection of an electric or acoustic guitar.

Everything should be considered carefully according to need. Therefore, users must carry out in-depth research according to the following tips:

1. Buy original products
It’s no secret that in the guitar market there are many guitar products that are very cheap but have bulky specifications.

This price is usually used by sellers to increase profits. The price of genuine goods is usually higher than the price of a counterfeit product.

But the quality of the price of these goods will definitely not deceive you. Make sure you buy the original item by checking the availability of the item up to its specifications.

And don’t forget the jargon “there is a price for a price” so you avoid bulging guitars on the market.

2. Product Specifications
Today there are so many young people who want to be instantaneous to get something they want. This is not prohibited.

However, there are some exceptions to choosing a guitar for a beginner. Make sure the item you buy has a guarantee of authenticity and sufficient warranty, users must also pay close attention to product specifications.

The specifications in question are about the body of the guitar, build up material, strings, neck, fingerboard, type of guitar, body condition, and so on.

Remember, the more careful it is better to buy a product with a high value like this guitar.

3. Model
Guitar musical instruments have many body models on offer, from Flying V, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Hollowbody, and so on.

Novice users should really pay attention to these models in order to get the comfort and needs they want.

Do not be careless in buying a product with an item that is not what you want, because usually one day you will leave the item when it is not comfortable.

4. Budget
Don’t force it to buy items that are too expensive in the market. Set the budget you have, buy items according to your ability and comfort.

Do not promote unreasonable prestige by buying a high-end guitar with a high price, but only used as a learning tool.

Think carefully about the money you have. Don’t waste it and get a cheap acoustic guitar with the best quality. Source >>> 15 Gitar Murah Untuk Pemula

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