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16 Best Tourist Attractions In Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesia. A country full of diversity culture, tribe, island, religion, tourist attractions and other diversity. Unique to know. Have you ever vacationed in Indonesia? If you haven’t, take the time to visit Indonesia. There are many best tourist attractions in Indonesia. What are they? Come on, let me introduce one by one.

16 Best Tourist Attractions In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with a million uniqueness. And each uniqueness has its own charm to be known. One of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Actually there are many best tourist attractions in Indonesia. However, this paper only discusses 20 of them. The rest is discussed in the next article.

1. Derawan Islands

The Derawan Islands are located in the Province of East Kalimantan. Precisely in Berau district. The best tourist spots are famous for their maritime tourism objects. So for those of you who want to sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the beauty of nature, the Derawan Islands are the right choice.

The dazzling stretch of white sand makes you reborn. The clear water is perfect for divers. Very comfortable in this tourist location. A vacation to the Derawans Islands for 3 days or 7 days doesn’t seem like enough. This is my experience. The place really makes you reluctant to go home.

In 2005 UNESCO designated the Derawan Islands as a world heritage site.

So, when you get a long holiday, it’s a good idea to make the Derawan Islands your tourist destination. Guaranteed not to disappoint.

2. Pantai Parai Tenggiri or Parai Mackerel Beach

After from East Kalimantan, you can continue your tour to the island of Bangka Belitung. Namely Parai Tenggiri Beach or Parai Mackerel Beach. This place is no less interesting.

One of the famous beaches in Indonesia. Still you can watch with satisfaction the stretch of white sand. Blue water surrounded by large rocks that are millions of years old.

Here you can do snorkeling, parasailing, diving, fishing and enjoy super delicious culinary at Parai Tenggiri Beach or Parai Mackerel Beach.

This beautiful natural destination is very famous in the world. And was once used as a shooting location for the film Laskar Pelangi. One of the famous films made in Indonesia.

3. Ngarai Sianok or Sianok Canyon

After visiting Parai Tenggiri Beach, we suggest taking the time to visit Sianok Canyon. It is located in the City of Bukit Tinggi. Agam Regency. West Sumatra Province.

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What is the uniqueness of Sianok Canyon?

  1. Sianok canyon is the longest canyon in Indonesia. The canyon is 15 km long. The canyon was formed due to the Semangko fault which divided the island of Sumatra into two. And every day the Semangko fault moves 22 mm.
  2. There is a stream of Batang Sianok river water. The stream meanders following the canyon shape. The water is very clear which empties into the Indian Ocean.
  3. There is a rare Raflesia flower along the river bank. And there are also many medicinal plants that grow on the banks of the river.
  4. Inhabited by various natural species. Like a zoo. You can find the Amang, long-tailed monkeys, leopards, pigs and various other exotic birds.

What is certain is that there are many interesting uniqueness in Sianok Canyon. Attention please, be careful traveling to Sianok Canyon in the rainy season. Slippery roads.

4. Danau Toba or Toba Lake

Next, let’s go again to the island of Sumatra. On the island of Sumatra there is a beautiful lake called Lake Toba. The largest lake in Indonesia. Also the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia.

In the middle of this lake there is an island of Samosir. Which is the size of the area of ​​Singapore.

The most famous tribe in this area is the Batak tribe. A tribe known for its clan and culture. It has become a local and foreign tourist spot since the 1980s.

The attraction of Lake Toba is the natural beauty of the mountains. Your eyes and mind will be refreshed by the view and coolness of Lake Toba.

Lots of cheap lodging, super delicious typical Batak food, playing boats, water games and much more.

And the most memorable is visiting this best tourist spot in Indonesia, the people around it are really friendly. Most of them are proficient in English.

5. Nusa Dua Bali

The next best tourist spot in Indonesia is the island of Bali or what is often called the island of the Gods, also the island of a thousand gods.

There are many beautiful and beautiful beaches on the island of Bali. One of them that I have visited and the most memorable is Nusa Dua.

Just like the tourist attractions discussed earlier. Your eyes will be spoiled by the soft white sand that stretches and the cool, clear waters of the Nusa Dua sea.

There are many tourist facilities available here. Starting from five-star class hotels, high-class resorts, local and international style restaurants, and the most frequently sought after by tourists, namely surfing. The waves in Nusa Dua are top for surfers.

Don’t forget to taste the typical Nusa Dua food and drink. It’s delicious and tastes great.

6. Nusa Penida Bali

Do not go first from the island of Bali. Let me show you the next beach. Namely Nusa Penida. Enjoy as much as you like natural exotic beaches. Its tropical climate and beautiful natural feel.

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Very many tourists from abroad visit this best tourist spot in Indonesia. I hardly recognize my friends because their faces are similar to the faces of foreign tourists.

The uniqueness of Nusa Penida is the small islands scattered around it. Snorkeling? Take it easy, the underwater beauty of Nusa Penida is incomparable.

7. Pura Besakih or Besakih Temple

After enjoying Nusa Dua and Nusa Penida, don’t forget to visit a historical site, namely Besakih Temple. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung.

This temple was built in the 10th century AD. Is the grandest and largest temple in Bali.

UNESCO designated the Besakih temple as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1963 following the eruption of Mount Agung.

Enjoy natural natural scenery without the touch of human hands. Cool air that keeps you young if you stay here for a long time.

8. Taman Laut Bunaken or Bunaken Marine Park

Then continue your tour to the province of North Sulawesi. Precisely in Manado Bay. There are famous tourist spots that are often reviewed by world tourists. Namely the Bunaken Marine Park.

If you have a hobby of exploring the water world, Bunaken Marine Park is a top choice. Because the water is very clear as often cleaned and changed water.

The underwater marine park makes the eyes chuckle in awe. Has 20 best and safe dive points.

You will be stunned by the giant coral reefs that reach 25 meters. In a vertical downward position. There are 13 types of coral reefs and 91 types of marine ornamental fish that are ready to make your diving experience memorable.

9. Wakatobi

Which traveler is not familiar with the best tourist spot in Indonesia called Wakatobi? If so, then you are not a traveler. Your travel game is still a bit off.

Wakatobi is a world-famous marine tourism destination. Still neighbors with the Bunaken Marine Park. Only different provinces. Wakatobi is located in the province of Southeast Sulawesi.

This tourist spot is still the same as the Bunaken Marine Park, which both present the beauty of the underwater world. However, the types of coral reefs that will be found are more numerous. There are 113 types of coral reefs that will accompany your dives. The types of fish are more diverse.

So if you are looking for a beautiful panorama under the sea, just remember Wakatobi and Bunaken Marine Park. A paradise for divers from all over the world.

10. Kepulauan Raja Ampat or Raja Ampat Islands

Next, visit the best tourist attractions in Indonesia called the Raja Ampat Islands. Located in West Papua. Not far from the previous tourist spot. Maybe about 365 days to get there. Hehehe. Just kidding.

The name Raja Ampat is a designation for 4 islands that are neighboring to each other. The four islands are the producer of ancient rock paintings. Very unique huh. The names of the four islands discussed earlier are named Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and Misool.

The enchantment presented by Raja Ampat is its culture and arts, the wealth of its sea, natural scenery and underwater marine parks. There are 540 types of coral reefs, 700 types of mollusks and 1,511 types of fish. According to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation, there are 75% of marine species living in Raja Ampat.

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11. Pulau Komodo or Komodo Island

If you are planning a challenging vacation like meeting ancient animals. Stop by to Komodo island. Located in the East Nusa Tenggara Islands.

Will be met with perbakala animals that are still alive and preserved in the world. In addition to being presented with an introductory Komodo dragon education, you can explore the natural beauty of Komodo Island. There are hundreds of Komodo dragons preserved on this tourist island.

There is a pink beach on this island. The name of the beach because of the pink sand. Very unique huh.

12. Gili Trawangan

After visiting Komodo Island. Continue your trip to Gili Trawangan. Which is located in West Nusa Tenggara or NTB. Not far from Komodo island.

Gili Trawangan is famous for its beautiful beaches. White sand can still be relied upon to accompany your vacation. Unique special foods and drinks with fantastic flavors make your tour even more memorable.

Many world celebrities visit Gili Trawangan. On this beach there are the best spots for taking pictures. Natural backgrounds without having to go to a photo studio.

13. Gunung Rinjani or Mount Rinjani

Next, visit the best tourist attractions in Indonesia, namely Mount Rinjani. Still close to Gili Trawangan. Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

The attraction offered by Mount Rinjani is the expanse of captivating edelweiss flowers and the beauty of the Segara Anak lake.

You can hike, fish, set up tents to settle down and fish on Segara Anak Lake. But please remember, before climbing, prepare your stamina and a healthy body. Given that at the top of Mount Rinjani the amount of oxygen is small.

14. Danau Kelimutu or Lake Kelimutu

The next tour is still in the East Nusa Tenggara Islands. Namely Kelimutu Lake. It is a famous volcanic lake in Indonesia.

This lake is located right in the middle of the Kelimutu mountains. What makes tourists visit this tourist area is the color of the lake water. It has 3 colors namely Green, White and Blue. To reach Kelimutu lake, you have to hike first.

15. Goa Gong

After from the island of Sumatra, continue to the island of Java. Pacitan, East Java to be precise. Here you are offered a journey to the underworld. Goa Gong.

You have a hobby of adventure in unique places, Goa Gong can be an option. Because, in this place there are many colorful stalactites and stalagmites. Feels like entering a new world. The panorama that is presented really makes you fascinated.

16. Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater

After visiting Goa Gong, stop by the Ijen crater. The position is still in East Java. Banyuwangi. The best tourist attractions in Indonesia are no less interesting. What’s that? Ijen crater.

Located on Mount Ijen. In the Ijen crater you are presented with another amazing world. Namely the enchantment of the blue fire burning in it. The charm of blue fire can only be found in Indonesia and Iceland.

Those were some of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. Curious right? Plan your vacation to Indonesia, OK? Get a memorable holiday experience in the Asian Tiger country of Indonesia. Hopefully this tour travel article is useful. Have a good holiday.

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