15 Best-Selling Best Quality Cheap Smartphones In 2021

Smartphones are a luxury item that has become a must-have item for everyone, from the elderly, adults, youth, and even children.

Many functions can be provided by this smart phone. Starting from important jobs, presenting presentations, conducting meetings, conducting online classes, entertainment, and much more.

The many functions of smart phones can be easily processed by your hardware if the RAM capabilities of your cellphone have increased. RAM is Random Access Memory which functions to store all memory in the operating system that is controlled by a smart phone.

RAM memory capacities on smartphones vary, from 2GB, 3GB, 4GB and so on. This is a new breakthrough in terms of technology, where the increase in smartphone memory is directly proportional to the resulting performance.

The greater the RAM capacity embedded in Android, the more expensive the price of the cellphone being sold is. But once again, the use of RAM in a smart phone is only limited to how the cellphone can manage the memory on the device.

The smaller the requirements for your smartphone, the less RAM you need.

15 Cheap And Best Selling Smartphones This Year

Here are some Smartphones that have the Cheapest and Best 4GB RAM in 2021:

1. Samsung Galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A21s

This 4GB smartphone from Samsung uses a 5000 mAh battery capacity as a superior component. Has four rear cameras with the most modern screens called Infinity-O Display HD + image quality has also been embedded. To support the brightness and clarity of photos when used for daily activities.

This smart phone also provides another advantage, namely a screen size that is large enough to be 6.5 inches and has 720 × 1600 pixels.

Equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Sold at a price of $204 in offline stores, making this mobile phone sought after throughout Indonesia.

Accompanied by a fast charging type C charger which can be used to charge your cellphone battery very quickly.

2. Vivo Y15

Vivo Y15

This 4GB android smartphone for $140 has three cameras with a resolution of 13 MP + 8 MP = 2 MP for brightness and clarity of image results. The front camera is also equipped with a high resolution of 16MP to get the best selfie photos.

Vivo Y15 has an Ultra All Screen screen design with a screen aspect of 19.3: 9 and is made with a thin bezel or edge that has a screen to body ratio of 89%.

To increase the stamina of the Vivo Y15, it implements a battery that is quite large in its class, which is 5000 mAh. It is also equipped with an MT6762 Helio P22 processor with a speed of 2.0GHz, making playing games on this cellphone feel without a hitch.

This smartphone is also equipped with 4GB RAM memory and 64GB ROM which can bulldoze all users’ daily online activities.

3. Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung’s smart mid-range smartphone immediately caught the eye with a 6000 mAh battery capacity, the largest in its class.

Using the Exynos 9611 processor, this phone is as strong as steel and lasts a full 48 hours during normal use.

Already equipped with Android version 10.0, it can complete your days without fear of annoying lagging or a broken system.

This giant cellphone also has a pretty good camera capacity. 3 rear cameras are installed with a resolution of 48MP, while the front camera already has a resolution of 20 MP to support your selfie needs.

This smartphone only costs $ 133, and you can get it in all marketplaces in the world.

4. Vivo Y30

Vivo Y30

This Android cellphone has a 5000 mAh battery just like the batteries in other cellphones in its class. Giving appeal to the color and material of the body makes users even more willing to buy this product.

The beautiful colors of Emerald Black and Moonstone White gemstones make the Vivo Y30 4gb smartphone more elegant and feels luxurious. This mobile will be released in May 2020.

Embedding a large battery capacity with type-C charger support and has the latest unique feature, namely reverse charging. Which serves to charge other devices that are connected from one port to another. So that it can be used as a power bank during an emergency.

The best performance of the Vivo Y30 is found on the Helio P35 which has been fully supported by 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Quite relieved considering that other competitors of this product only have 64GB of ROM memory.

Users who are fond of taking pictures will be spoiled by the four rear cameras. Which consists of 4 resolutions, namely 13 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2MP. Make your daily photography needs perfectly fulfilled.

5. Realme 5i

Realme 5i

This Realme cellphone has a Snapdragon 665 AIE processor which is alleged to be used effectively with 4GB of RAM.

Plus this device has a new design “Sunrise Design”. The polishing of the back casing as well as every grain of the casing is processed with a precision limited edition radium chisel from Germany.

The Super Nightscape 2.0 feature is also embedded in this device so that it can support 4K resolution video recording up to 240fps slowmo varieties that can be played at 720p resolution.

Make it easy for users to create the best content for entertainment or work that awaits.

Another camera feature on the Realme 5i is the Electric Image Stabilization (EIS) where this feature is also embedded in flagship smart phone devices such as the Iphone.

The Realme 5i is a 4GB RAM HP at a price of $ 140 offering four rear cameras and a sizable battery. Comes with 12MP + 8 MP (ultra wide) and 2 MP depth sensor plus 2 MP ultra macro lens. So that makes this phone has the best camera function in its class.

6. Oppo A31

Oppo A31

This 4GB Smart Phone is targeted at the middle to upper market with purchasing power ranges from $ 140. This Oppo mobile has a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset with 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

Daily use of the Oppo A31 feels very light because the cellphone is only equipped with a 4230 mAh battery.

The Oppo A31 mobile has a 6.5 inch screen with HD + resolution that can be used as a zoom medium and good screen viewing activities for children.

Unfortunately this phone is only equipped with Android Os Version 9.

7. Realme Narzo

Realme Narzo

The 4GB Realme smartphone or smartphone released in June 2020 does sound a bit vague to the surface. The name Narzo itself is taken from the name of the planet which has become an icon without borders.

Use his strengths to focus on the best systems. Realme uses the MediaTek Helio G90T chipset with 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM, to support this cool device.

Narzo, a mobile phone that symbolizes strength and unique and bold nature, uses a 6.5-inch screen with an additional 90 Hz Ultra Smooth Display which has been tested very smoothly and neatly.

Thus, users will definitely feel addicted when viewing a smooth screen with such a fast refresh rate.

Coupled with four rear cameras that have a resolution of 8 MP (ultra wide angle feature 119 degrees) + 48 MP (main camera) + 2 MP (B & W lens) + 2 MP macro lens.

With such features, Narzo has added value to lead customers to an experience that is irreplaceable.

8. Redmi Note 9

Redmi Note 9

The Redmi series is said to have a fairly large screen section. This smart phone has a Dot Display screen measuring 6.53 inches which can provide a satisfied sensation to look at the screen for a long time. This screen is wider and clearer than its predecessor Redmi Note 8.

This cellphone is equipped with MIUI 11 with the Android OS 10 operating system. Users can be very relieved to stream and browse on this device.

The performance of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 has been powered by the best Mediatek G85 processor in its class. Coupled with the RAM adoption of 4 GB ROM 64GB, or RAM 6 GB ROM 128GB. For this Note 9 variant, users are given the option to choose the RAM and ROM capacity.

Prepare a budget of $ 140 if you want to get this cool device from Xiaomi. This price is very cheap considering that the screen of this cellphone is coated with Gorilla Glass 5 which has a better level of scratch resistance than its predecessor.

9. Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 8

Xiaomi is a company that produces this HP Redmi Note 8. Released and entered Indonesia in October 2019. This 4GB smartphone has a 6.39-inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels which makes Redmi users quite satisfied with this screen.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 processor is equipped with Snapdragon 665, where this processor will also be fully supported with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. A 4000 mAh capacity battery is ready to accompany your activities all day long.

This smartphone from Xiaomi has added value in the camera sector. Redmi Note 8 has four sensors at the same time with 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2MP settings.

While the camera for selfie purposes, the Xiaomi Note 8 has been given a camera with a clear 13 MP resolution.

You can get this cellphone in online and offline stores for only $ 140.

10. Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12

The Samsung Galaxy A12 provides a 6.7-inch screen with the Infinity-V feature which was released on January 5, 2021.

This 4GB smartphone is armed with a quad camera (4 cameras) with 48 MP main camera configuration settings, 2 MP macro camera, 5 MP ultrawide camera, and 2 MP depth camera.

Opens at $ 147. This cellphone has a standard performance in its class. MediaTek Helio P35 processor with two 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM options.

The Samsung A12 is also powered by a large enough battery capacity in its class, namely 5000 mAh and has been supported by fast charging 15W type C.

11. Poco M3

Poco M3

This cute yellow cellphone made by Xiaomi Indonesia has a fast Snapdragon 662 processor supported by 4GB and 6GB RAM.

Having a monster battery capacity of 6000 mAh makes this device usable to play games all day long.

The screen size of 6.53 inches and a screen resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels makes this phone feel relieved when used for streaming or watching movies.

This cellphone is equipped with FullHD + resolution which is very special for a cellphone priced at $ 128.

Coupled with the thin bezel, it reaches 90.34% screen-to-body raiso which makes this phone feel so luxurious.

The powerful aspect that the Poco M3 has as a champion for cheap cellphones is the rear camera consisting of 48M MP 4 in 1 Super Pixer resolution, 2 MP macro lens, and 2 MP depth lens.

The long-lasting battery of the Poco M3 is supported by 18 W fast charging, so that users will not be disturbed when they run out of battery.

12. Redmi 9T

Redmi 9T

This smartphone, which was born in 2021, provides the advantage of a battery usability system that surpasses the previous generation.

Reinforced with a 6000 mAh capacity battery which is supported by the 18W type C fast charging feature makes this cellphone reliable in all fields.

The Snapdragon 662 (11 nm) processor and chipset are the mainstays for Redmi 9T in processing various operating systems.

Has a screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels Full HD + measuring 6.53 inches and has been protected using a Gorilla Glass 3 screen which can provide flexibility for users to experience a wider and clearer screen.

The use of the camera on the Redmi 9T is armed with 4 8 MP x 2 MP x 2 MP rear cameras and 1 8 MP front camera which can be used for the best selfies.

The price of this device is only $ 133.

13. Redmi 8

Redmi 8

Redmi 8 is a 4GB smartphone with the most massive production issued by the Xiaomi company. This Redmi series has the advantage of a screen protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and a battery with a massive 5000 mAh size. Making Redmi 8 the fastest mobile phone with fast charging access in its class.

It has an HD + resolution screen with a size of 6.22 inches using a notch ratio of 19 ”9. Another part of this cellphone, namely a camera that has a dual sensor configuration of a 12 MP resolution camera with a Sony IMX 363 sensor, f / 1.8 + 2MP aperture as a depth sensor.

Making the 4GB Redmi 8 smartphone camera as a camera with the most complex features in the 4GB RAM class. For the front camera, Redmi 8 is armed with a sensoric camera with an 8 MP resolution. This mobile you can get for $ 119.

14. Realme C15

Realme C15

This phone is priced at only $ 112. It has a giant battery with a size of 6000 mAh, so you don’t need to hesitate to carry out daily activities using this cellphone.

The Realme C15 battery is claimed to last up to 5 days in standby mode, play heavy games like PUBG for 10 hours and watch long duration films for more than 20 hours. Best!

This smartphone is equipped with Android OS 10.0 and a 6.5 inch screen size that uses a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels which is quite dim and small in the 4GB RAM class.

Realme C15 also has a camera with a resolution of 13 MP x 8 MP coupled with a front camera which has a resolution of only 5 MP. This device already has a charging system that has been upgraded using a type C cable for a maximum charge capability of one hour and a half.

15. Redmi 9

Redmi 9

Redmi 9 was launched in Indonesia in July 2020. It has a RAM capacity of 4 GB and ROM 64 GB. A sharp screen with FullHD resolution + screen 1080 x 2340 pixels.

What is clear will provide the experience of enjoying videos and playing games with a very perfect. This cellphone screen has also been protected with Gorilla Glass 3 which is of course anti-scratch.

Redmi 9 uses a MediaTek Helio G80 processor which can be used to play heavy games like PUBG and Mobile Legends continuously.

The large battery capacity of up to 5020 further pampers users to continue doing activities with this device.

This 4GB smartphone provides OS Version 10.0 and also has a fairly capable camera resolution. Namely 13 MP x 8 MP for the main camera and 8 MP for the front camera. Get Redmi 9 at your favorite offline or online mobile shop.


The prices of these devices also vary. Located between $100-$170, it allows the low-end online or offline market to have quite a lot of options when it comes to choosing an android phone.

The list above is a row of Android smartphones based on 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM which can be purchased through marketplaces and offline stores circulating in the world.

Even more interesting, in the future there will be several releases of the latest mobile phones in 2021 with various specifications and uses at lower prices.

In choosing a cellphone, you definitely need to choose a product that suits your daily needs, for example the need for entertainment, education, photography, or even for gaming.

The selection of an android phone should be based on market research. Users also have to determine the period of use of an Android phone if they want to buy a new one.

Here we provide tips for choosing the best 4GB RAM Android phone in 2021 so that users don’t waste money on unnecessary things:

1. Chipset Used
Maybe for some people, the chipset is not quite influential in getting the experience of using a smartphone.

Even though according to technology experts, the chipset and GPU used on Android devices greatly determine the performance results of the cellphone.

The daily use of the user also determines how the cellphone performs. Users don’t need to worry about this chipset problem.

Because the chipset in a smartphone is actually needed to process something heavy, if the user doesn’t need the device to process the system quickly, then this doesn’t need to be a problem.

2. RAM (Random Access Memory)
RAM is the memory used by Android to read, store and process all forms of system transactions that aim to expedite the use of the device.

In an analogy, RAM is the digestive system + the brain that digests food in the body. Of course this is very important.

When there is a lot of food / data that we digest, the body also needs the capacity to launch the process, provide a way, and then release it in the form of power so that all applications and systems contained in the body / device become healthier.

But again, RAM capacity is required in certain circumstances. Users must find the requirements needed so that RAM management runs optimally.

  • Camera, Screen, Battery Capacity, Internal Memory, and OS Version
    Camera use: it needs to be improved, but again the daily use needs will not be affected by this.
  • Screen: a large, clear screen with a high refresh rate allows users to experience more satisfying video watching, entertainment, and gaming. Screen also has an important role in maintaining eye health. So, choose carefully when using the screen when choosing an android cellphone.
  • Battery Capacity: A large, strong and durable battery has a high lifespan, and vice versa. If users feel they need a smart phone to accompany their daily lives as a whole, then a large capacity battery and a fast charging system are needed.
  • Internal memory and OS version: these two things are quite continuous, Internal memory is the data storage capacity in Android which will be processed using the OS version in it.

This usage depends again on the user’s needs. Choose wisely, large internal memory with the best OS. Or standard internal memory but has a mediocre OS according to budget and needs. Source >>> Smartphone Murah.

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