30 Best And Cheap Gaming Headsets 2021 For PC

Gaming headsets are a new breakthrough in the world of gaming around the world. Headphones are a revolutionary device that is used to transmit sound signals generated from built-in parent devices such as laptops, computers, or smart phones, which are connected to a 3.5mm cable jack or with a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Likewise, gaming headsets are made to emit sound signals and amplify them so that users can feel the sensation of listening to a clear yet complex sound like in a cinema.

30 Best Selling Gaming Headsets Of The Year

Here we summarize some of the best-selling headphone brands used by professional gamers in the world :

1. Corsair Void Pro RGB

Corsair Void Pro RGB

Corsair Void Pro RGB is equipped with a 40mm size driver that can make a very clear and kicking sound.

Mickropon is also one of the best functions in these headphones because it can respond to user voices in real time without any annoying latency.

The sound output from the microphone recording on these headphones is a champion in its class.

There is quality there is goods. Prices listed on many Marketplace sites state that the price of this Corsair Void Pro RGB is priced at $100 depending on conditions.

Quite expensive for the market, considering that users will get international quality from this Corsair brand. This device is for gamers who are serious about their gaming activities.

2. Sennheiser GSP 600

Sennheiser GSP 600

This gaming headset which is priced at $253 has a weight of only 359gr and a cable length of 2.5m, the longest in its class (versus.com). This device has the highest frequency in the range of 30000Hz and the lowest frequency at 10Hz.

Both of these frequencies can produce the clearest sound and can also reach invisible sounds such as footsteps, minimal gunshot direction, character movement, etc.

The high price will certainly lead to good quality. It is definitely supported by an official warranty of up to 2 years of use.

For the built-in design, the Sennheiser GSP 600 has stereo speakers attached to the left and right of the headset.

This headset has a cable that can be assembled, making it easier for users to change the cable that is attached.

This expensive headset also has an ergonomic over the ear shape so that users will feel the earplugs fully covering all parts of the ear so that it does not cause sound leakage.

3. Kotion Each G1100

Kotion Each G1100

Headphone games this time have a very cheap price compared to other competitors. Kotion Each G1100 is priced at only $22 (rexuszone.id).

Equipped with speakers with a diameter of 50mm on all sides, making these headphones the best entry level device in its class. The sound produced is not inferior to headphones with prices above $100.

These cheap headphones have a fairly wide frequency range, between 20-20,000Hz. The frequency range is quite good for listening to high or low tones.

A sensitive microphone is also pinned to these headphones, using a sensitivity of -38dB + 38dB to record and capture signals from the user’s voice in detail.

Kotion Each G1100 headphones are the right choice for young gamers who are starting a professional career. These entry level headphones can provide the best gaming experience in their class.

Equipped with stunning colors and a futuristic design, making this gamer head set fairly high quality at a relatively economical price.

4. Imperion HSG70 Galaxian

Imperion HSG70 Galaxian

These gaming headphones have mid-level speaker quality called 7.1 Surround Sound which will make users feel a real and extraordinary gaming feeling.

Only priced at around $28, this headset is able to provide the best for beginners. The specifications provided by this headset are speaker driver units reaching 50mm which can deliver full bass sound to your ears.

Getting speaker sensitivity of up to 119.3dB allows users to listen to all sounds on the device.

Equipped with a fairly high mic sensitivity, adjustable volume control, mic control and modifiable LED control.

This cheap headset also has a cable length of 2.2m with a USB type C connector installed. And don’t forget that this headset has earpads that have used PU leather which will feel very cozy when used.

5. Alcatroz Alpha MG370

Alcatroz Alpha MG370

Get a design that is frightening enough for an entry level gaming headset. In fact, it is able to prove the quality of a headset for $14 to feel premium.

This gamer accessory is very suitable for use as an enhancement when playing games. Equipped with this built-in microphone and the pads are thick and soft enough to use, making this device feel sturdy and convincing.

Alcatroz alpha MG370 has used ear cup pads to cover your ears so that you can pick up sound better.

Equipped with a 40 mm driver to produce a sound out that can be compared with similar products.

Alcatroz Alpha MG370 uses a frequency range ranging from 20Hz-20Khz, an impedance value of 32 Ohms, and a fairly wide sensitivity value, ranging from 108dB-3Db.

Alcatroz also uses a long cable connected to a 3.5mm jack cable plug that can be connected to a PC, laptop, and even your cellphone.

6. Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

This headset for playing games does not have ear cups that can cover the ears perfectly. This headset is the legendary headset made by Razer and there is no need to doubt its quality.

Equipped with an In-ear plug monitor that can comfortably fit into your ear hole, this headset also uses a flat-type cable to avoid tangling or breaking the cable from the headset.

This gamer headset is priced at $24, which is quite reasonable, considering the legendary Razer brand and quality. In addition, the design has a high quality that is different from the previous series.

Has high durability to produce a better sound out. Comply Foam Tips (earplug) that are comfortable will not irritate your ears.

The build in housing made of aluminum makes it sturdy and durable. The extra-large 10 mm dynamic drivers feature a 20% better score than its predecessor, the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 Original.

Improvements have also been made to the more robust built-in microphone models and control buttons. With a control button called 3 Quick Action Button, users can flexibly adjust the volume, or answer phone calls.

7. E-Blue Cobra Advance EHS902

E-Blue Cobra Advance EHS902

Having a speaker size of 40x6MM, frequency response with an extension of 20Hz to 20kHz makes this gamer headset have excellent sound reception and output.

Equipped with Shocking Bass Effect and Noise Canceling features, this headset is highly recommended for those of you who have entered professional mode in the world of gaming.

The Shocking Bass Effect feature allows you to experience a gaming experience that will come to life in your head. Then the Noise Canceling feature makes the audio quality so high that you will never be disturbed by surrounding sounds.

Priced at $25, making this favorite headset with a quality that can truly meet the needs of Pro Gamers.

The headset has crystal clear output with nearly seamless sound output latency. The clear microphone also allows you to have perfect communication with your playing teammates.

8. Logitech G430

Logitech G430

Gamers’ devices that have a blue color and the iconic G logo are very attractive on the market.

Equipped with a separate driver software that functions to maximize the performance of this device, the Logitech G430 can be maximized up to 2x more than the usual headset.

The software used is used to maximize the benefits of sound out and microphone input to make it more responsive when used.

The Logitech G430 is specifically for gamers who already have high flight hours. Used as an FPS genre game playing device, it produces quite detailed in-game input sounds.

Even other features such as surround sound can be modified according to the user’s wishes.

This Logitech G340 headset is priced at a fairly competitive price for the mid-range level, which is only around $70.

The ability of this gamer headset can be said to be very perfect in its class, plus Logitech provides a 3.5 meter long cable that can be assembled, thus increasing the user’s flexibility to use it.

9. Dragonwar Violent

Dragonwar Violent

This one-cable headset product is equipped with 40mm drivers to provide the same standards as the best gaming headsets on the market.

Just like many of its competitors, this headset is also equipped with a 7.1 surround system. Clear sound output. So that users can easily listen to all the sounds that occur in the game or video being played.

Not satisfied until there, this product has a noise canceling feature where the user’s voice can easily be heard by other headset users in the game.

Users can get this black headset with blue accents for just $22. Very cheap, right?

10. NYK HS NO2


This headset from NYK Nemesis is a headset that is famous for its low-entry budget devices. The affordable price for the Indonesian market does not make NYK Nemesis reduce the quality of this NYK HS NO2.

Priced at $9, making this headset with a 40mm speaker drive a low-entry level headset that is quite well known in the market.

Another feature of this headset is that it is equipped with a 1.8 meter long silicon cable. The RGB lamp that lights up brightly when it is dark will light up when the user connects it to an available USB slot. This headset also features a volume button control on the left earcup.

11. dbE GM200

dbE GM200

Having a built in plastic which is strong enough, this headset presents the best features in its class. Equipped with a 7.1 Surround system, this locally made headset is quite well known in the market.

With a cable length of up to 2.2 meters, users can use it without the hassle even though the PC or laptop device is quite far from the ear.

This dbE GM200 gamer headset from dbE Acoustic has a price range of around $28. The mid-level price is pinned on this device because users will get the latest modern features compared to its predecessor dbE GM100.

One of the changes from the GM100 to the GM200 is the USB and Surround 7.1 features as well as the headset frequency range up to 20Hz-20Khz.

12. Steelseries Siberia Arctis 7

Steelseries Siberia Arctis 7

Steelseries Siberia Arctis 7, true to its name, this headset is a headset made by Steelseries that collaborates with DTS Headphone X to use a new algorithmic calculation system that was created specifically for experienced gamers.

DTS Headphone X provides much better features than other Steelseries competitors in its class. This feature can allow the user to identify the audio clearly and precisely.

The 7.1 + DTS Headphone X v2.0 surround sound system embedded by this headset provides almost imperceptible latency.

Getting top sensitivity scores of up to 98dB for headphones, and -38dB for microphones make this gaming headset worthy of use by high-end Pro Gamers.

Priced at $175, this headset is for the high-end luxury class.

13. Astro A50 Wireless

Astro A50 Wireless

Astro A50 Wireless headset, is a wireless listening device made by Astro USA. Astro may sound foreign to the market in Indonesia.

However, this company from the United States is being hotly discussed in the world of the international pro scene.

Recently they have released the Astro headset series A50 which features MixAmp 5.8Ghz wireless technology.

Actually, wireless technology has been adapted by the predecessor of the A50, namely the A40. But the difference lies in the use of MixAmp, which is integrated directly into the A50 unit. So that users don’t need to feel bothered to get these features.

Astro provides the best unit by embedding the Lossless Audio technology from KleerNet for the first time in the world. Lossless Audio technology allows the user to select 3 choices of EQ presets to achieve perfect audio to the user’s ear.

The headset, which is powered by a battery that can be recharged with a USB type C charger, is priced at $210-$350.

14. Hyper X Cloud Alpha

Hyper X Cloud Alpha

Hyper X Cloud Alpha is a high-end gaming headset developed by Dual Chamber Drivers. It has been certified by the Discord and TeamSpeak application teams, making this headset the best value for in-game and multiplatform communication.

Used by high-level gamers, requires Hyper X Cloud Alpha to have modern features in its class. There is advanced noise canceling, reducing latency to sound lagging in games.

Then there is a double space that separates the sound of bass, mid, and high which makes users feel the harmony and complexity of listening to music and listening to scoring games and videos.

Hyper X Cloud Alpha features a built in aluminum frame which makes this device feel more luxurious and sturdy.

However, this does not reduce the generic quality of this headset. Because Hyper X Cloud Alpha uses a driver that is bigger than the products on the market.

The 50mm speaker driver has been embedded for a more realistic sound quality. This gamer headset is priced at $112 and has a fairly limited stock.

15. Razer Man O’ War

Razer Man O’ War

Made by a company like Razer from Singapore, this device has a very ergonomic design. Using a lightweight and luxurious plastic material, Razer agreed to make a gaming headset with a design that doesn’t make the head feel heavy when wearing it.

Users will feel masculine when using this headset because of the dark color and also the accent of the Razer logo itself which is somewhat frightening.

This headset uses wireless bluetooth connection technology which can be used up to 12 meters away. This Ear Cup device uses the most comfortable synthetic leather in its class.

The size is large enough to cover all parts of the ear so that the user will not feel what is called a sound leak.

The use of a Bluetooth connection does not necessarily make this device lagging or full of sound latency. This problem does not occur in this device.

A battery that lasts up to 14 hours which can be used continuously is also a plus point in this product.

The Razer Man O ‘War is equipped with USB as a connector in a wireless connection. This product can be used for PC, PS4, smart phone, and so on. This headset is supported by the latest software from Razer, namely Razer Synapse.

This software can be used to get 7.1 sound effects online, and change the color of the LEDs on both sides of the headset logo to the other colors available in the Razer logo.

This device is priced quite affordable in the High-end class, which is around $112.

16. DAREU EH-722s


Having a large ear cup size makes this headset very comfortable when used for playing games.

How not, this cheap, quality headset only weighs 280 grams so that users will not be burdened with usage.

This red diamond-shaped design with a few dark accents is an additional aesthetic value that is suitable for users to start a live stereaming career so that indoor sets don’t feel boring.

In addition to upholding the comfort of wearing, this headset can also produce very capable sound. Equipped with a 50mm speaker driver capable of providing excellent quality.

Coupled with the latest ABS and aluminum headband material, this headset feels sturdy and premium when used. This headset has Windows XP / Win7 / Win 8 and Win 10 system requirements.

The price of this headset is only around $28-$35.

17. Xiberia V10

Xiberia V10

Ergonomic design and a comfortable build is one of the advantages of this headset from the well-known company Xiberia, which is still built with ABS material and an aluminum headband so that gamers will experience a premium experience while playing games.

The sound capability of the XIberia V10 deserves thumbs up. Because the sound produced has used the vibration function feature so that players can feel all the effects contained in the game such as explosions, rumbles, lightning, or cannon shots and live ammunition.

The bright red color, equipped with a 3.5mm jack and USB cable that can be easily assembled, is perfect for playing games, listening to music and other activities without feeling tired and distracted by useless functions.

Priced around 21 dollars, this vibrating headset can be owned by young gamers who want to have a different experience out there.

18. Edifier Gaming Headphone G20

Edifier Gaming Headphone G20

This low-end headset gives a solid impression when you first hold it. Its slim, ergonomic and simple looks make this headset a luxurious impression even though the price is quite affordable.

The microphone which has sensitivity in all directions, can be lengthened or shortened according to the needs of the user.

Edifier Gaming Headphone G20 is equipped with soft earpads and large carbon plastic ear cups.

Reinforced with a 40 mm diameter speaker driver system, gamers can experience the smooth sound output of this versatile headset.

The headset is also equipped with a 7.1 virtual surround sound output system. The sensitivity in using this headset is quite good.

Users will be able to feel detailed sounds such as steps or background noise in certain videos.

The Edifier Gaming G20 is priced at just $ 35.

19. Onikuma K6

Onikuma K6

Onikuma K6 has a colorful RGB design that surrounds the surface of the ear cups in a very colorful manner. The RGB LED color can be replaced with another color according to the wishes of the users.

This gaming headset features anti-noise microphone and external sound reduction so that the resulting sound will feel clear and without obstacles.

In addition, the Onikuma K6 has anti-leakage sound, making users feel comfortable and safe when using this headset. The essence of this headset is all without distraction.

Onikuma K6 comes with a headband device that can be adjusted according to the shape of the user’s head. The ear pads provided are also very comfortable and soft, guaranteed not to cause skin irritation.

Onikuma K6 has a very large ear cup and ear pad size. However, this feature provides comfort when playing games or listening to music or videos.

Equipped with a 50mm Hi-Fi driver speaker model. This type of driver offers a louder and clearer bass sound than other 50mm drivers.

These gamer headphones are perfect for gamers to use to complement their gaming equipment.

Priced at a fairly affordable price, users only need to pay $ 28 to get this Onikuma K6 gaming device.

20. Digital Alliance Headset Gaming (Titan Bronze)

Digital Alliance Headset Gaming (Titan Bronze)

The headset developed by the Alliance has an interesting ability, noise canceling can be used in this device to repel noise from outside this device.

Alliance embeds a speaker driver of 50mm which allows users to experience real-life playing conditions when using this headset.

The frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz allows this headset to listen to any sound range. Suitable for use as everyday headsets or heavy gaming headsets like FPS games and other games.

Using the ear cap feature that can be disassembled from the market, making this device offers an easy way to attach an ear cap that fits the user’s ear.

Armed with a very bright and stylish RGB LED feature, it is worth making this device into your gaming settings.

Do not forget that this headset offers 7.1 channel surround sound which can be used as a sound delivery system without latency which is quite perfect.

This headset can be obtained by users for only $ 28.

21. Sades SA-903

Sades SA-903

This device that has a one-color RGB LED body design offers mature exclusivity without feeling weak or tacky in it.

Presenting blue white, blue black, and red black, this headset has many color variants that are suitable to be chosen as a device that suits your personality.

Lightweight material made of carbon plastic has good durability and comfort in its class.

Clear bass sound is one of the headset requirements that must always be met. Sades SA-903 offers sadistic technology with 7.1 virtual surround sound that delivers powerful bass sound.

The gaming experience using this device is quite good because it is equipped with wide and solid earcups and earpads.

Unfortunately, the position of the drivers that are installed is not very accurate because of the installation that cannot be tampered with.

Bass sound and other output sounds will come out from various directions. Makes the experience of playing any game feel pretty good but it feels less straightforward.

22. Armaggeddon Nuke 13R

Armaggeddon Nuke 13R

Headset lovers must know this one product. Offers ear cup capacity and ear pads that cover all ear gaps. Making this device will not experience sound leakage when using it.

This gamer headset gives users the freedom to immediately make adjustments that can be adjusted according to their needs.

Armageddon Nuke 13R is equipped with software that can be used as important settings in this device such as, activating virtual 7.1 surround, adjusting sound frequency, and adjusting microphone sensitivity.

The user is given the freedom to adjust the microphone hardware to fit the front of the mouth

These gamer earphones offer another cool feature, namely a built-in remote control. Users can use this remote to mute the mic or headset with a single tap.

Armageddon also offers a button to provide 3D sound effects that provide a cinema-like experience. This sound is suspected to be able to detect a more precise sound based on the position of the sound source.

Priced at $ 23, this headset is a complete package of gaming accessories. TOP!

23. Rexus HX20 Thundervox

Rexus HX20 Thundervox

Constructed with carbonate plastic material, it provides excellent build quality. Rexus HX 20 has comfortable foam on both sides of the ear cups.

The ear pads on the Rexus HX 20 are oval in shape that covers all parts of the gamers’ ears. The choice of material on this item is guaranteed to provide comfort and avoid irritation to your ear skin.

Like the superior gaming headsets in its class. This gamer headset is equipped with Virtual Surround 7.1 technology so that it can change the stereo sound characteristics in games to a surround sound that satisfies the user’s ears.

Rexus also embeds a digital equalizer on this device in the software available in the sales package. Can be used to adjust sounds and effects to suit the needs of the user. This arrangement is assisted by a 3D equalizer to create an open or closed effect.

Rexus HX 20 has a microphone that can be assembled as needed. Using USB connectivity with the provision of a 3.5mm jack, you must use an OTG converter if you want to use it on a cellphone.

This gaming headset provides users with ergonomics to suit their daily activities. The price tag for this full-featured headset is around $ 27.

24. Fantech CAPTAIN 7.1

Fantech CAPTAIN 7.1

Fantech CAPTAIN 7.1 is equipped with a 50mm speaker driver unit and has a sound range from 20Hz to 20kHz making this cheap gamer headset a headset with quite capable features.

Equipped with 7.1 virtual surround which provides sound quality equivalent to mid range headsets on the market.

A sensitive microphone allows users to use this feature to chat with friends while playing games.

But unfortunately this device is not supported by noise reduction so that this headset can still feel latency and a little signal interference when talking or when listening to sounds.

Has a cable length that is 2.5 meters long and is also equipped with USB connectivity which must use an OTG converter to use on your smartphone device.

Fantech CAPTAIN 7.1 has ear pads and ear cups that are quite comfortable to use. Provides multi-color RGB lighting and users can also turn it off or replace using the controllers provided on the cable.

This controller can also be used as a means of turning off the microphone and headset. Fantech CAPTAIN 7.1 has the lowest price in the mid range market, which is around $ 13 only.

25. Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken X

Razer is a technology-based gaming company that has unmatched product quality for computers and similar devices.

Putting the Kraken X forward as an inexpensive alternative to Kraken headsets, this X product is an out-of-the-box option that excels in the PC accessories sector for one reason.

Namely, the 7.1 virtual surround sound feature has been embedded through the application. This feature has clarity, depth, and bass that are superior to other Kraken classes.

The Kraken X features a 40mm speaker driver with Neodymium magnets. Coupled with 3.5mm analog connectivity that can work at a frequency of 12Hz-28Khz.

This headset is equipped with noise canceling for an even more uninterrupted sound.

Unfortunately the microphone in this series cannot be assembled.

However, users will not feel a loss if they get a 7.1 sound on the Kraken series devices which are priced quite cheaply for the same series class.

For only $ 70, you users can use this headset anywhere, anytime.

26. Creative SXFI Gamer

Creative SXFI Gamer

This high-end best-selling gamer headset has a 50mm neodymium magnet driver that delivers immersive bass sound, as well as a very clear overall stereo sound in its class.

The ear cups and ear pads are solid and spacious, making the user’s ears feel unmatched comfort.

Using aluminum material with a total weight of 336gr makes this headset feel sturdy and luxurious when used.

SXFI Gamer puts forward the Audio Position feature or the Battle Mode sound adaptation feature. Which is very perfect for use by anyone when they want to direct themselves to advance into a real war match.

Supported by USB type C connectivity with a 3.5mm stereo input, this headset can be immersed in PCs and laptops perfectly. This device has the best frequency which is obtained in the range of 20-20 kHz.

The price of the Creative SXFI Gamer is around $ 210. Users can experience playing games, listening to music, and chatting with friends through a sensitive microphone that functions very well on this device.

27. Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser is a well-known audio company whose products always prioritize luxurious premium quality.

The GSP 670 series provides connectivity via Bluetooth with a 2.4 GHz wireless adapter. This range sensitive connectivity is able to maintain a stable connection for almost 18 hours of use with just a single charge.

This bluetooth gamer headset has a product design with a super sturdy built in which is built using aluminum material. These massive ear cups and ear pads deliver tough, no-nonsense sound.

Having a 50mm Neodymium Magnet driver with up to a day of good battery life, makes this luxury headset often used by pro gamers to compete on the professional stage.

The frequency response of this device is 10-23Hz which is the widest range of frequency responders on this list. Priced at a pretty fantastic price of $ 488, users will get the experience of using a pro-champion headset.



This headset is an inexpensive gaming headset that can be a solution for users to play games all day long without feeling stifling at the head. Having a 50mm sound driver makes the audio quality of this headset not inferior to its competitors.

The X logo with bright LED RGB color covers the surface of both sides of this headset. Has a design size that is quite right on the ear and built in material that is quite good with the carbon plastic.

This best gamer headset can be operated with an audio jack at a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 Khz. Users will get a complete package of headsets, cables, jacks, and microphones for as little as $ 20.

29. Corsair HS70

Corsair HS70
Corsair HS70

This product is a very revolutionary product from Corsair. The company delivers all the best features of its high-end models at a lower cost without compromising a single excellent feature.

Armed with a 50 mm sound driver and definitely having 7.1 surround sound features, this lightweight headset can deliver a very clear and solid sound output.

The stereo spread features and sound output articulation are perfectly highlighted. The 50mm driver can be adjusted according to the trend of a more balanced EQ.

The HS70’s versatility is an all-terrain balance. Can be used for games with complex sound quality, or for just listening to relaxing music in the house.

This quality makes fans feel both happy and confused. The price of this favorite and best headset is very cheap, around $ 90.

This device can slaughter the quality of high-end class headphones due to the ergonomic design of the aluminum material, the best sound output, and the extraordinary comfort of the wide and compact ear cups and ear pads that Corsair HS70 has successfully provided.

30. JETEX P1


This JETEX P1 product is a newcomer headset that offers the best of things. Creepy audio quality armed with a 53mm speaker driver is the largest in its class.

Cinematic surround setup for more quality than its predecessor. This headset doesn’t have wireless connectivity yet. This is because companies have to reduce production prices in order to obtain the cheapest selling price for the market.

Has a build quality that is not playing games. This headset offers aluminum material which is presented very neatly and compactly.

Soft and comfortable ear cups and ear pads allow users to carry out gaming activities for a long time.

The JETEX P1 sales package is very neatly and ergonomically wrapped, weighs 262 grams, making the gaming experience using this headset very comfortable.

JETEX P1 has a 3.5 mm jack cable as a means of connectivity. The frequency response of this headset has a range of 20Hz to 20kHz. This response enables the JETEX P1 headset to amplify sound detail and clarity.

JETEX P1 has two very attractive color variants, namely black and red. This gamer headset also features a removable microphone that makes it easier for users to maintain their daily use.

The up-to-date quality headset is only around $ 83.

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Tips for Choosing a Gaming Headsets

The use of gaming headsets in Indonesia already has its own market, which of course makes competition between several products increasing. Among the many products in circulation, here are some tips that we can convey for choosing a good gaming headset.

1. System Compatibility
This is an important role in headset selection. Sometimes, the headset is not compatible with some hardware, so it makes users feel lost after buying.

Some gaming headsets only work on certain platforms such as PS, XBOX, PC, Android, Apple, and so on.

2. Cost
A good headset is a headset with sturdy built quality and can be made of any material. A really good headset is a headset that experiences no sound lagging during use, no signal intervention when used, and is cheap.

Of course, for the newest gamer headset from many well-known product developers, it will bring high quality.

However, this must be balanced with a price that is quite expensive. Also check your headset needs, whether it is at the low, mid, or high end product level.

3. Sales Package
The use of a headset sometimes gets a product package along with a microphone that is directly embedded in the sale. Don’t forget to always read the specifications and product packages that you will receive.

It is very important to get a sales package that suits you, so that you as a user do not regret it later.

Conclusion :

The best headset must provide prosi and audio position that can vibrate the user’s ears. Users must get features of sound clarity, bombastic bass, hassle-free connectivity, and also built-in quality that is lightweight and durable in use.

Quality like that is always the best attraction a seller will get. Gamers headsets of this quality are also very suitable for games that are currently busy, namely battle royal games that require audio accuracy and clarity.

Gaming headsets are a determining factor in your success in playing games or other audio activities. The comfort level should also be increased for long-term use.

Find a headset with complete features such as noise canceling or output noise cancellation that can interfere with your performance in activities.

Don’t forget to always use a headset with the most comfortable material to support your daily activities and to prevent you from skin irritation / allergies in your ears. Source >> Headset Gamer