Top 12 Most Popular Google Products To Sell Online

12 Google Products. Google LLC is a giant company built in California, United States. The company was founded on September 4, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

They both make Google a private company that focuses on products based on internet-based data. These products include search technology, web computing, software, online advertising, and hardware or hardware.

Since its inception, Google has rapidly produced a variety of superior revolutionary products.

The company offers software products to increase productivity in networks, electronic mail, suite of office applications, as well as unlimited social networks.

Google also focuses on desktop device models that include photo editing access, instant messaging, and development of the Android operating system for mobile phones and Google Chrome as a search engine.

Google works closely with Nexus and various other companies as its well-known hardware developers.

12 Google Products To Sell Online

Here we present some of the Google hardware that is present in the world market.

1. Google Nest Mini 2

Google Nest Mini 2

After waiting for a long time, finally the wait for the fans of the hardware made by Google has paid off for the release of the Google Nest Mini 2 in the world.

Because this product offers revolutionary capabilities in it. Nest Mini is a speaker hardware that features the capabilities of Google Assistant, a software developed by Google, which functions to play music or read certain specific news with just voice commands.

Google Nest is equipped with some of the most popular applications such as Youtube, Spotify, and also Google News which are supported by voice commands.

Users can play music through the application easily and instantly. Nest Mini can also be set to listen to various languages, one of which is Indonesian.

The installation process for this device is not difficult, all processes can be done through the Google Home application via a smartphone or laptop to establish a connection between the Wi-Fi network and the accounts required by Google Nest.

The Google Nest Mini is priced at $ 65.

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2. Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4

This mobile made by Google, which was launched in October 2019, has a distinctive design that is only owned by Google.

This phone is undoubtedly its performance as Google’s Android phone, because this phone has a score of 420 thousand on the Antutu Benchmark.

It’s quite strange, considering that a cellphone with the same capacity and device features is in the score range of 360 thousand.

This has confirmed Google’s class as the best hardware manufacturer for performance issues.

The Google Pixel 4 screen is really impressive. It uses a 5.7-inch full HD + screen for the Pixel 4 and packs a rich display with a 6.4-inch Quad HD + for the Pixel 4XL.

Both devices are equipped with an OLED panel refresh rate of up to 90 Hz which is very responsive and feast for the eyes.

Google has embedded something new in the class of Android devices on the Pixel 4. Radar technology is included in this cellphone which allows users to activate motion gestures.

The function of this radar is more or less the same as the Galaxy Note 10’s Air Control S-Pen, which can only be used for a few applications.

Including to change the song and newsreader. The Google Pixel 4 is priced at $ 558 to $ 837 (2021).

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3. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google released Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in May 2019. The product is equipped with a new processor, improved camera, fast charging USB-C port, and various other new enhancements.

Google still hasn’t positioned Glass as a mainstream product. However, they hope that the sales of Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can be marketed more widely in the future.

These devices have been moved from “Moonshot Factory”, the parent company of Google Alphabet X, to the Google product line, which allows Google to meet the growing market demand for devices that can be used in the workplace.

The design of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 has basically not changed much. This device still has a relatively simple Head Up Dispaly (HUD) display, not a mixed reality headset like Microsoft HoloLens.

However, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition device is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chip specially designed for AR and VR, and enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing power.

This product is specifically for advanced users who have professions such as surgeons, factory workers, software engineer workers, and other professionals.

This revolutionary device has been armed with the latest safety frame produced in partnership with Smith Optics. Larger, more durable battery with 820mAh fast charge.

Now Google Glass runs on the Android OS system with full Android Enterprise Car Device Management support. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 device is priced at around $ 1018 and is already on the market.

4. Stadia Controller

Stadia Controller

Google Stadia is Google Products which are used to play video games. This product utilizes Google’s large and sophisticated server center.

Users no longer have to worry about purchasing expensive game consoles and CDs or assembling a gaming PC to play your favorite video games.

Users only need electronic devices, such as smartphones, TVs or ordinary PCs, plus a strong Internet connection and control.

Can Google Stadia live up to gamers’ expectations ?. The working principle of Google Stadia is to send input from the controller (also keyboard and mouse) via the Internet, then send the results back to the necessary electronic devices (smartphones, TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets) cloud computing.

In other words, you as a user can play heavy games on the Chrome browser (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone), TV equipped with Chromecast Ultra, or some smartphones based on Android using Google Stadia Controller.

Not only that, the Stadia Controller is capable of sending video game streams with the best resolution quality up to 4K at 60 frames per second (fps).

This device must be supported by a fairly fast internet speed. According to Google, this device is capable of working effectively at 4K resolution with stable internet speeds of around 10Mbps.

Similar to the Youtube application, Google Stadia will automatically lower the resolution of the game if you have a low, unstable network. This device is priced at $ 69 to $ 139.

5. Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard

Jamboard or google products is actually a whiteboard application that is very easy to share and use for schools and businesses.

However, this writing tool is also presented in the form of hardware in the form of a super large board that the user uses to communicate ideas and various information in meetings and in the meeting room.

This hardware can be used physically holograms, or virtual directly. There are lots of blackboards on the market.

But the Jamboard is quick to differentiate itself from other hardware with features that work.

Users cannot compare this application with sketching or direct graphic design applications such as Adobe and its friends.

Jamboard focuses on quality of life features that make it easier to take notes, convey ideas, and even explain concepts.

It’s as if using a real whiteboard Jamboard which is a screen-based digital whiteboard from Google, priced at $ 4,999 per kit. This price is a one-time price at the time of purchase and installation.

The Jamboard is not intended for individual use, it is intended for businesses and educational institutions that can use services such as virtual video conferencing events or online lectures.

This board is not an ordinary blackboard. Equipped with a touch screen device and a stylus for writing and drawing on the huge screen wherever you are.

6. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

This device is a google product that functions to get some temperature right in your room.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes with a large screen, better resolution, and a sensor to detect temperatures far enough. This device can view time and temperature information from a distance.

This modern thermostat can be enabled with voice integration using the Google Assistant or by using Alexa.

This product, which was released in 2018, has a price range of $ 280. This price is fairly cheap for the size of a smart temperature reader.

Users will get a sales package in the form of a temperature sensor of 15 units that can be attached to any part of your house as a default sensor that functions to support certain room temperature readers.

7. Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook

There is no best chromebook device like the one this Google Pixelbook has. Its terrifying power and versatility overshadow most of the strong competitors in its class.

Equipped with 8GB and 16GB of memory with an i7 processor. This product makes it one of the best Chromebooks and the best 2-in-1 laptops out there (Techradar).

The Google Pixelbook features more than just form and function. Google’s design that has a lot of style and usability is armed with an Intel Kaby Lake 7 gen processor which is very effective for all heavy users’ needs.

Equipped with an amazing 2,400 x 1,600 pixel touch screen, your eyes won’t get tired when you have to struggle with heavy tasks in front of the laptop screen.

This product has also received support from the Pixelbook Pen, which unfortunately has to be purchased separately.

With the entry of Android, without losing any of the features of the Chrome operating system, the Google Pixelbook succeeded in straightforwardly helping to raise the profile of Chromebooks in the market.

This product can easily bulldoze every Windows 10 product on the market. Pixelbook is a Google product that is quite immersive and luxurious.

Bandrol prices ranging from $ 999 to $ 1,600 per unit make you users have to spend more if you want to bring this product to your home.

8. Nest Secure Home Security System

Nest Secure Home Security System

Google Nest Secure is a personal security provider with easy-to-use smart home integration.

However, the installation and ownership fees of Google products are quite expensive compared to similar product providers, and many premium features can only be accessed by paying a monthly fee from Google itself.

However, if you are looking for a homemade home security solution and want to use the products of a well-known company like Google, the Nest Secure system may be the right choice for you users.

The process for purchasing the Nest Secure system from Google products is different from most other security providers in that all purchases are made through the Google Store.

The basic package offered by Google Nest Secure is for $ 249, including a base station, FOB and two motion sensors.

Unfortunately the price is a discounted price that drops from $ 399. After signing up for the basic package, users can build their own security system by purchasing additional accessories.

However, this can result in significantly higher upfront costs compared to most competitors. Google Nest Secure offers a best-in-class suite of hardware and software options.

Apart from various motion sensors, cameras, and virtual assistants, there are several innovative tools and features that will be found by the users.

This innovative feature is the Nest Guard transmitter, which has four ways to arm the system, namely: Nest Tag, Nest App, Google Assistant, or using a passcode.

These settings can be unified using the Nest Secure app.

This Google Nest Secure product makes it easy for users to integrate security solutions into their daily routine in the most convenient and fully automated way.

In other words, the protocols regulating identity and access for the security system of this product are indeed of high quality.

9. Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

Google products this time are weather-resistant cameras equipped with Nest’s existing indoor cameras.

Having specifications that are almost the same as Google Secure and Google Learning Thermostat, this product still feels modern and sturdy.

Unsurprisingly, these two products work seamlessly in the same companion app, but Nest products are also supported by an ecosystem of smart home devices from other brands so they can effectively adapt to any environment.

At $ 199, the Nest Cam Outdoor remains sturdy and waterproof as it is IP65 certified. This product means it can withstand regular floods and raindrops.

The Nest Cam Outrrood features a separate magnetic base that screws onto the wall to provide a magnetic mount for the round back of the camera.

The power cable is attached slightly misaligned to the base of the camera. Next to this inlet is a speaker hole, located at the bottom of the camera, which is safe from water ingress.

The only problem is that the user cannot mount the camera upside down. This product is connected to a sturdy USB cable, and at the 3m end it is connected via a waterproof connection to another 4.5m line which can be connected to the mains power adapter nearest to your house.

Equipped with a 1080p camera that auto-configures to 720p mode, this product gets smooth, seamless images.

Ten IR sensors ensure that the Nest Cam Outdoor can see clearly in the dark. Integrated microphone and speaker for two-way audio communication.

Unfortunately you won’t find a microSD card slot for local video storage.

10. Google Chromecast 3

Google Chromecast 3

Sometimes, a product is so much more advanced than its time that the product can last for years without requiring a substantial redesign. This is true for Google Chromecast.

The HD streaming video player from Google that will make your TV smarter and more user-friendly in almost every line of entertainment system.

Now in its third generation, released in 2018, Chromecast works by plugging directly into the HDMI port on the back of your TV.

This device draws power from its USB port and can then act as a signal receiver for streaming video links sent from other phones or from the user’s tablet.

Unfortunately this product cannot display video streams with 4K resolution.

The magic will happen when the user presses the Google Cast button which is found in most of the video streaming applications on the Chromecast and will immediately start streaming.

It is a very intuitive system when you use it, this product virtually eliminates the need for a separate remote control which has many problems.

This product is priced at only $ 34, which you can get in marketplaces around the world.

11. Daydream View (2017)

Daydream View

For starters, Google products Daydream View is a new VR protective product made of a different material from the previous edition.

Google Daydream View (2017) is covered in courser material just like you would find on an office waiting room chair or a soft sofa in your living room.

This type of headset requires a smartphone to be housed in it in order to be used as a revolutionary 3D video transmitter.

This device is present as a pocket-friendly alternative for broadcasters of smartphone screens that are becoming more real.

Google Daydream View (2017) is basically a container for VR, a container that is, in itself, nothing more than a fabric-covered shell with a lens.

This is a channel through which you can experience a VR experience streamed from your mobile, via the Daydream app and the various apps and games that are available on it.

In this case, the user will pay for products that are conceptually using VR to play applications that are broadcast through the smart phone screen.

And because smartphones are the lifeblood of Daydream View, your experience depends on the resolution, processing power and battery life of the smartphone you have.

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12. Nest Hello

Nest Hello

This product is the latest product from Google which functions as a bell, camera, voice picker, and also a security ring 2 / external that can be installed to secure the front door of your house.

Nest Hello brings serious competition to the Ring 2 in the smart doorbell sector, with a stylish design, HD HDR video, instant facial recognition, and easy-to-use app tools.

Nest Hello must be connected with Wi-Fi or other network connection so that it can always be used continuously.

No need to worry about batteries, this product uses a direct power line to turn on the power 24/7.

Installing the Nest Hello might be a bit of a hassle, but if you are looking for a smart doorman and have one of the best security cameras on the market, Google Nest Hello is definitely worth considering.

The Nest Hello costs $ 229 exclusively for the main device. But the Nest offers a professional installation package only available in the UK which costs up to £ 329 (about $ 430).

Quite expensive but worth the benefits. Another way to save money to get this product is to buy several other Nest products at the same time.

Unfortunately bundle offers vary by region so users have to check on the Nest website for realtime price list updates.

Those are the best Google products that have been produced by Google. You are interested?

Immediately make a purchase by visiting the best overseas marketplace site that you have. Make sure to make purchases using a complete package that is guaranteed safety and originality. Source >>> Perangkat Keras Buatan Google.