15 Indonesian Shoe Brands That Are Best Selling In The World

Indonesian Shoe Brands. Shoes are a product that is a necessity in today’s youth fashion world. There are many types of shoes that can be used, from sneakers, sports shoes, casual shoes, to street fashion shoes that are used in certain activities.

The use of shoes today is not only to increase the level of protection of a person’s feet, even shoes are now used to show the fashion level and social level of an individual.

The high demand for shoe products in Indonesia has made local designers and entrepreneurs compete to provide the best quality brands to international caliber. In order to uphold our love for the nation’s own products.

15 Best Indonesian Shoe Brands

Here are 15 of the best quality Indonesian shoe brands currently circulating in the world market.

1. Ventella

This local Indonesian shoe brand has become famous since it was first launched in 2017 by William Ventella, the owner of a vuklanised shoe factory which has been established since 1989 in Bandung, West Java.

Crowded with controversy due to designs that have almost a lot in common with well-known foreign brands, the Indonesian shoe brand Ventella is still a sneaker product that is in demand by many young people in Indonesia.

Shoes produced by Ventella, have a simple yet elegant design. Using canvas and rubber to make these shoes have the same quality as sneaker shoes made in foreign countries.

Prices are priced at only $ 13 to $ 20, making these shoes can be worn by many people, adults, young people, children, and even the elderly.

Ventella’s production has always been a long and enjoyable process. This process is carried out by experts in Bandung, supervised by qualified quality inspectors, and regularly checked closely. Making Ventella shoes has a pretty good quality in its class.

Link Official : www.ventela.com

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2. Compass

This trending shoe made in Bandung, which has been around since 1998, has a fanbase that is spread all over Indonesia.

Having collaborated with many top brands, this shoe has further confirmed its existence in the world of Indonesian sneakers.

The best vintage designs combined with the taste of modern sneakers make this product a sought-after product on the market.

Indonesian Compass brand shoes have several best-selling series that they launched, including; Compass Gazelle, Compass Search and Destroy Proto 1, Compass X Darahku Biru, and the collaboration that had shocked the sneaker industry in the world, Compass X Pot Meets Pop.

The manufacturing process of every product issued by Compass always uses local materials that are strictly selected and then aims to produce products that are safe and comfortable for customers to wear.

Indonesian shoes are not just any shoe brand, they have local designers who design important shoe parts with great care and care.

Using very soft canvas and rubber soles. Compass shoes are priced quite cheaply for the classic series, which is around $ 13 – $ 27.

Link Official : www.sepatucompass.com

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3. Poison Street

Taking a deeper look at Instagram @poisonstreet_ makes some people think “what’s better than a brand made by an Indonesian shoe factory but has an international feel and quality?”

The answer is the Poison Street brand, which is doing its job as the coolest shoe carrying the best vibes abroad.

Starting from streetwear, skatewear, to premium sneakers with models like Jordan, this handmade shoe with a thick western spirit is famous in the edgy market in the world.

These Indonesian shoes are made in original from the city of Bandung, which have started to look sharp since 2019. Promoting a rebellious Pop Culture culture but still having a passion for work so that these shoes are included in the top ranks of the best shoes in the world.

This product has a sneaker with the best materials such as Canvas, Vulcanized Midsole, and Soft Rubber Waffle Outsole and is combined with the Repetitive NFP Logo Print so that this sneaker is somewhat frightening.

You can get these shoes for only $ 41 at your favorite martketplace.

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4. Saint Barkley

This Indonesian shoe product, which again originates from the city of Bandung, has been formed since 2012.

Departing from David and Alvi’s anxiety about the city of Bandung, which is already crowded with all the same brands of processed clothes and pants, they decided to sell other side products. , namely Shoes.

Originally the name of this shoe was Seven (VII), but as technology developed, the name was eventually replaced with Saint Barkley.

Saint Barkley’s products consist of the best quality materials from Indonesia in the form of canvas material and durable rubber sole. These shoes are priced from $ 20- $ 27.

Saint Barkley shoes come in full sizes, ranging from size 36 US to the largest of 46 US.

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5. NAH Projects

The project of cheap high-quality Indonesian shoes initiated by Rizky Arief Dwi Prakoso has been used by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo.

Starting from the president’s question to his adjutant about which local shoe products were suitable for daily activities, the NAH Project became a recommendation.

Because the price is quite friendly. The average NAH Project sneakers cost $ 17- $ 20.

This sneaker brand that was founded in 2017 has spawned many products, including Flexnit, Audacity Skate, Chibimaru, SN-05R, and many more.

NAH Project has one very interesting sales system, namely Transparency Pricing. This has made the NAH Project implement the capital transparency for the manufacture of shoes which will be mass produced.

This is done because they want to be closer to their customers, doing capital transparency means being honest with customers. So that customers will not feel cheated by NAH Project products.

Link Official : https://nahproject.com/

6. Kodachi

As the name suggests, Kodachi is a Japanese dragonfly shoe brand from the 1980s. However, due to the lack of interest in the world market for Japanese shoes, and the lack of competition between American and European shoes, Kodachi’s shoes in Japan went out of business.

Indonesia, as a country that has a lot of shoe users, finally took over the name and market for Kodachi in the 2000s.

From then until now, Kodachi shoes are a proud brand that is owned by Indonesia. Relying on a classic retro design with high flexibility, making Kodachi the choice of sporty men in the world.

No doubt the use of these shoes used to be used for daily sports activities by ancient badminton athletes.

This shoe is so cheap, marketed at a mere $ 6- $ 10, fans of this cute shoe will get the built in quality sturdy athlete standards.

Link Official : https://www.sepatukodachi.com/

7. Exodos57

This vintage shoe targeted by the President of Indonesia, Mr. Jokowi, is a shoe with a unique style, unique because of the old school concept with a vintage cutting system that makes these shoes even more exotic.

This Indonesian shoe, developed since 2016 by Gally Magido Rangga, always has the latest designs that are very vintage.

With just one year of the establishment of Exodos57, the market demand has reached 1,300-1500 pairs of shoes per month. This is due to the unique and robustness of the best local materials that Exodos57 products have.

The high demand makes the owner unable to fulfill all of them, because all of the Exodos57 products are produced by handmade. Only about 600-700 pairs that they can produce (kompas.com).

These cheap local shoes are made of leather and they seem manly and have been worn by several important figures, such as President Joko Widodo, the Governor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, Dr. Tirta, and so on.

Prices for the Exodos57 product range from $ 24 to $ 201. This price is very reasonable, because the built-in shoes are of international class.

Link Official : https://www.exodos57.com/

8. Heiden Heritage

This Indonesian shoe carries a sneaker with a knits model like Yeezy, which has a very futuristic design with modern urban touch accents on both sides of the shoe.

Has many mainstay products, such as; Heiden Zephyr, Heiden Vendage VS, Heiden Venom, Heiden Cage

Heiden Heritage has the best product variants at prices that are quite affordable for the world market.

Priced at $ 13- $ 41, it won the Heiden Heritage as an Indonesian-made shoe brand with the cheapest knits feature in the world.

Heiden Heritage products carry modern sportiness, making these shoes attractive to many urban markets in major cities in the world.

These shoes use solid material with a dense texture, as well as embedded Flexi Foam technology that combines toughness and comfort to optimize consumer activities.

Since 2016 after Heiden Heritage was developed in the city of Bandung. This shoe is like bewitching fans of air knits shoes like Yeezy and Adidas which are so popular.

This makes Heiden Heritage increasingly popular. Using premium materials with designs that are made with international standards. Make this shoe worthy of your use.

Link Official : https://www.heiden.id/

9. Geoff Max Footwear

Various kinds of the best quality cheap shoes have been produced by this local original Bandung product. A home industry that was founded in 2012 which initially only wanted to meet the local market in the city of Bandung.

Without realizing it, Geoff Max’s market was getting wider to the national market as a result of targeted marketing activities on social media at that time.

Geoff Max took the Old-skool concept initiated by the duo Yusuf Ramadhani and Fauzan Efwanda. This concept was taken because of the two founders’ interest in the 1950-1990 fashion style in the United States.

Geoff Max has 8 types of shoes that are sold freely in the market. These types of shoes include Autentic, Avalon, Kuzma, Knoxville, Zach, Jetta, Kevia, and Vadisk.

As for the women’s market, Geoff Max launched the Shiva, Alvy, and Cindy series as a sweet mix between the fierce sneakers that are carried.

Geoff Max is characterized by a rubber sole which is not only elastic, but also strong. All materials such as suede, canvas and synthetic leather used by Geoff Max are local materials with premium quality.

These shoes come in various size variants, namely from sizes 37-44. Price lists for Geoff Max shoes are also very cheap, ranging from $ 20- $ 27.

Link Official : https://geoff-max.com/

10. Brodo

Starting from the founder who told the story of the difficulty of getting a size 46 shoe in 2010.

Two young men Yukka and Uta took the initiative to develop a shoe product that has a fairly wide size range.

It is this background that causes Brodo to be born. The academic backgrounds of the two founders of Brodo, they found that in 2010 in Indonesia it is very rare to find local products that can compete to the international market.

Therefore, the founder of Brodo aims to make shoes that are stylish, comfortable, high quality, inexpensive, and can compete with foreign products.

Brodo has several flagship products, ranging from formal and casual shoes to sneakers and boots. Brodo, which is now the first shoe brand in Indonesia, has the courage to sell direct-to-consumer shoes.

This makes the Brodo market spread widely throughout the world. Brodo itself is the most complete shoe provider in its class.

Using premium quality materials, Brodo has a long service life. No doubt these shoes became champions of shoe products in their day.

Link Official : https://bro.do/

11. AeroStreet

Aditya Caesarico, founder and owner of the shoe brand AeroStreet, stated that Lokal is Not Afraid. This action was echoed because of the onslaught of KW outdoor shoes which were more widely circulated in Indonesia.

AeroStreet itself is an original brand in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia. Which puts forward modern, sporty, and high-quality shoes.

AeroStreet itself has many variants of sneaker shoes that are suitable for sports and everyday casual activities.

These Indonesian shoes are made from 12 oz cotton canvas and use a high quality rubber outsole. All materials used by AeroStreet are original Indonesian materials.

The workers who join AeroStreet are also the nation’s children who come from Klaten City itself.

These shoes are ready to destroy the world sneaker market. AeroStreet has succeeded in reducing production figures by using materials and energy that are 100% from Indonesia.

Cheap Indonesian shoes AeroStreet, priced at a flat price of $ 6. These low prices still provide the best quality for these shoes. Class!

Link Official : https://aerostreet.co.id/

12. Forever Young Crew (FYC)

These Indonesian shoes are shoes that are owned and produced by Al Kautsar, or commonly called Ucay Rocket Rockers.

These shoes were started in early 2013, when Ucay decided to quit Rocket Rockers.

This shoe is the only shoe whose sales system uses the syar’i system as uttered by Ucay during the interview on Mebiso.com.

FYC has a main footwear brand that is well-known at home and abroad because of the “banana” design which at that time decorated the shoes produced by FYC.

Forever Young Crew shoes have a fairly high durability. Using Canvas and Vulcanized Sole materials which are useful for increasing the durability of the shoes when used for extreme outdoor activities.

The Forever Young Crew shoe costs around $ 11- $ 45.

Link Official : https://fycfootwear.com/

13. League

Many shoe connoisseurs and users in the world may not know about League ownership as an international product with the largest average production in Indonesia.

League is an original sports shoe brand made in Indonesia developed by retail and marketing company Berca Retail Group. League was launched in February 2004.

This Indonesian brand is somewhat legendary, because it has survived the onslaught of imported products in Indonesia.

Shoes Indonesia League presents many products, ranging from running shoes, basketball shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, futsal shoes, volleyball shoes, and even women’s shoes.

These cheap local shoes cost around $ 13- $ 41 only. This product has a market to foreign countries.

Using the full best raw materials from Indonesia, making League a shoe product that is still sought after by its regular customers.

Link Official : https://www.league-world.com/

14. Piero

This shoe product is the pride of Indonesia. Original Indonesia and legendary !. Born in 1999 with the brand name “Urip” which was later changed to Piero because the name “Urip” was not selling well.

Piero is the equivalent of the letters from Urip which is reversed and then added using the old spelling, so that it becomes Piero. Amazing!

These Indonesian shoes use original quality materials from Indonesia.

Sneakers, sporty shoes, casual and soccer shoes are the superior products that Piero has owned for 22 years in the world of local Indonesian shoes.

Piero remains active in following the latest trends and technology around cheap international shoes in the world.

However, this product still maintains a price below the average of a well-known foreign product with the same quality.

Link Official : https://pieroindonesia.com/

15. Pijak Bumi

Pijak Bumi was founded by Rowland Asfales. The start of Pijak Bumi itself is because Rowland lost his only shoe at that time. Rowland finally got pensive and came up with the idea to make shoes.

However, because there was no selling power in the prototype shoes, Rowland finally did more research on shoe production.

As a result, Rowland found that 90% of shoe production activities produce waste that is very bad for the environment and people.

Therefore, Rowland finally made environmentally friendly shoes using Kenaf plant extracts, which can emit eight times more oxygen than other plants.

Pijak Bumi comes with the best materials without using any chemicals.

Pijak Indonesia Bumi Shoes even only uses a foot sewing machine so that the manufacturing process continues to prioritize environmental health.

Pijak Bumi was born as an innovator for cheap local shoe brands that prioritizes environmental friendliness, original design, and the promotion of local wisdom.

Therefore, Pijak Bumi made an achievement by winning the Emerging Designer award of The MICAM Milano 2020.

This shoe is priced at a relative price for international quality, only $ 24 – $ 69, you can wear this high quality shoe brand with pride.

Link Official : https://pijakbumi.com/

Tips for Choosing the Best Indonesian Shoes

Here are some tips for choosing the best Indonesia Shoe:

1. Build Quality
This refers to the quality of the local material used in a particular part of the shoe. Shoes that have a good and attractive appearance do not necessarily have high quality resistance. Keep checking what materials your shoes use, so that your activities with your shoes are maintained.

2. Price
Price is an important thing in shoe selection. Quality shoes must have a high price, and vice versa. However, this can be broken by local Indonesian products. All local products here contain the best ingredients that are found in Indonesia, therefore the price of shoes in Indonesia tends to be cheap but not cheap.

3. Size
Shoes are an important instrument to protect the feet of its users. But what is the use of protective shoes if they cannot be used properly.

Or maybe what are the best built-in shoes for at a very cheap price but don’t have the shoe size that consumers need. So, choose the shoes that have the best size for your feet!

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Conclusion :

Local shoes now come in many types and sizes. Shoes this time are not only used as daily necessities, but shoes have also been transformed into an aesthetic lifestyle enhancer.

That’s why shoes are now not a commodity that is only used, but shoes can also be used as personal collectibles.

The shoes of the nation’s children were born from several problems surrounding shoes that are present in Indonesia, ranging from size, design, price, material, craftsmen, to the advantages and disadvantages that consumers in Indonesia can cope with.

Therefore, the best quality cheap Indonesian shoes are the answer to this problem.