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White Sand Tourist Park The Most Fun Family Vacation In Depok

White Sand Tourism Park. When you hear the term ‘tourism’ what do you think of? Surely you think that tourism is synonymous with different nuances that are exciting and different from the busyness and daily routine.

When you hear the word tourism, the first thing that comes to mind is a refreshing atmosphere that can make your mind calm. How not, tourism does make us feel calm and able to strengthen togetherness both with family and friends.

Tourism is indeed a necessity that cannot be simply forgotten in the millennial generation as it is today. Usually people travel to get rid of fatigue and tiredness due to daily ruin.

Generally, the most preferred tour for families to enjoy a vacation together is water tourism. Usually families go to water tourism because water is something that children like. One of the water tourism in the city of Depok which is quite popular among tourists is the White Sand Tour.

When you hear the word white sand, what comes to mind is a beach with white sand. But make no mistake, this tour is not a beach but a swimming pool. What’s the fun like? Let’s see the following explanation.g

White Sand Tourist Park Attractions

The white sand tourist park provides a wide variety of swimming pool rides. In addition, here is also equipped with various rides for children to adults.

When you enter this tourist park, you will see three waterparks that are quite spacious. There are many rides that you can enjoy such as spilling barrels, fountains, slides and so on. Here you can be satisfied playing water with fun while trying one by one the available rides here.

Not only that, here you can also enjoy other interesting rides to try such as flying fox, trampoline, bungy trampoline, ATV, playground, bungalow, to fishing. This place is very suitable for family recreation because it can be enjoyed by children to adults.

No need to worry about the heat because here there are many shady trees that make the surrounding air cool and comfortable. You can relax under a shady tree with a mat while enjoying the atmosphere there.

In addition, the white sand tourist park can also be used for various events, such as family gatherings and so on.


The facilities available are also quite complete and support your recreation such as food and beverage sellers, public toilets and so on. Of course when you are tired of playing all day you will feel hungry and thirsty right? So don’t worry because you won’t be hungry while you’re here.

The facilities available here are fairly clean so they can make tourists feel comfortable. Interestingly, in this swimming pool there are no special regulations that require tourists to use swimming clothes. Because here tourists are allowed to swim using ordinary shirts.

Location and Route

The White Sand Tour is located on Jalan Rawa Geni Raya No. 1 White Sands, Sawangan District, Depok, West Java. The route to this location is quite difficult because it is far from the center of the crowd. But take it easy because you will feel a different sensation from the bustle of the capital.

Entrance Ticket Prices And Operating Hours

The operating hours of this one tourist attraction ticket are from 09.00 – 17.00 WIB. And the price of admission tickets for white sand tours is quite diverse, namely as follows:

Monday Friday :

Children : Rp. 10,000
Adult : Rp. 12,000
Saturday Sunday :

Children : Rp. 15,000
Adult : Rp. 25,000
There will be a separate fee for parking your vehicle, guys.

That’s a review of the white sand tourist park. What are you waiting for? Invite your family or friends to visit this tour and enjoy the fun.

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